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The Bridge House

2 High St, London SE20 8RZ


We are so excited to bring you our exclusive, 25 ticket only, indoor shows at the Bridge House for the winter season. These intimate, socially distanced shows, will be held inside the pub, with the gorgeous drinks and service that you come to expect from a Bridge House/BYOBaby show!

Guests will be seated in bubbles of 6 max (including babies). So once you have booked your tickets, please email me at with the number of adults and babies in your group, so I can reserve your bubble seats for you.

As tickets for this show are reduced to only 25 guests, we have had to increase the ticket price by £1, so that we can afford to run the show. Our apologies for this, and we hope you can understand. The shows are going to be amazing, and we can’t wait to see you there!

We are working together with the Bridge House to make sure we all stay safe and have a fantastic time. Here are the ways in which our shows run a little differently at the moment:

  • Staying seated in your bubbles

We will reserve your area with your chosen bubble so you can hang out and have fun! In order to comply with covid guidelines, please stay seated throughout your visit to the Bridge House (except of course for visits to the toilet or baby change).

  • Baby Age Limit : 12 months

Sadly we have had to reduce the age limit, so that our little guests are babes in arms, in order to keep social distancing possible at our shows. We hope we can change this soon.

  • Bubble reservation

We will be seating you in bubbles of max 6 (including babies) in the venue. Once you have purchased your tickets, please can you contact us at to let us know the number of adults in your group, so that we can book your bubble for you.

  • Phone Numbers

In accordance with government guidelines, we are required to take phone numbers of all guests. When you contact us regarding your group (see above) please also provide us with phone numbers for all guests.

  • Table Service

The bridge house will be providing fabulous table service, so you can relax and enjoy the show, with lovely food and drinks.

  • Baby Changing

Please bring your own baby changing mat. We will be providing a baby changing area, with bin, alongside the venue’s own baby changing table, but please bring your own mat. You can also change your baby at your table if you prefer.

  • Advance booking only

Tickets can be purchased in advance only for the this show.

  • Staggered arrival times

We will be operating staggered arrival times, and will email you with your arrival slot prior to the show.


Many thanks and see you there! If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

lots of love,

Alyssa and Carly x


Ticket Price:  £12 (in advance only) plus booking fee

Adult ticket only is required ….babies get the laughs for free!

Admissions: Anyone and everyone over 16 years and under 12 months old

* Please note : our brilliant comics will be performing their usual adult material, which is why we have a 12 month age limit for our younger guests!

Please note that tickets are non refundable 

who’s coming to play?


Someone Very Funny TBC
MC Carly SmallmanStar of Live At The Apollo and The Rob Brydon Show (she's very fancy)
Ben Pope"Killer Gags" The Scotsman